Why You Should Up Your Recruitment Game Online

Make Recruitment Marketing a Priority on Your Website

When we first meet with a new client about their marketing needs, many of them mention the need to up their game when it comes to recruiting new employees. The LiRo Group, one of the top Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) companies in the U.S., was no exception. They turned to Pomerantz Marketing to upgrade and modernize their website, which included the need for a more robust Careers section that really spoke to prospective employees.

Finding and retaining the best talent is a challenge in today’s business environment, but there are a number of ways to improve how your company is handling this. The first step is not ignoring recruitment in your marketing — you can (and should!) speak thoughtfully to potential employees online.

A generic Careers page on your website won’t cut it — you want to bring your company to life online, painting a clear picture of your culture and benefits and connecting with prospective employees on an emotional level. For LiRo, we built out a multi-page Careers section that included:

  • information about the company and why it’s a great place to workLiRo Careers Menu
  • easy access to open jobs
  • messaging specific to different types of target employees
  • clear list of employee benefits
  • information about resources available to employees
  • overview of their programs aimed at bolstering young professionals

The key to a successful Careers page or section is to address the many questions a potential employee may ask before applying for a job with your company. If you back this up with an active social media presence that shows your employees at work and play, you’ll be in great recruitment marketing shape.

Looking to up your game when it comes to recruitment marketing? Pomerantz Marketing can help.

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