Create Demand and Convert Prospects with Focused B2B Marketing Strategies

In today’s business world, nothing is simple. The B2B marketing strategists at POM excel at interpreting chaos, simplifying it and devising a B2B marketing strategy focused on achieving your goals efficiently and effectively. Here are some of the ways we wrangle chaos into submission and make the marketing magic happen:

  • Summit

    Using our unique method, we conduct a marketing strategy session with your key stakeholders to get everything out on the table

  • Success Metrics

    We help you define specific, realistic success metrics so we can ensure our efforts and marketing tactics are aligned with your business goals and are properly monitored and measured

  • Communications Brief

    We document findings from the Summit to confirm key takeaways, build consensus within your team and lay the foundation for moving forward

  • Competitive Audit

    We evaluate your competition in order to understand your competitive landscape as well as opportunities for differentiation

  • Customer Survey/Interviews

    We gain insights into your customers’ buying process so we can understand why they chose your company and its offerings and how to best reach your target audience

  • Sales Team Survey/Interviews

    We tap into the minds of your sales people to understand their trials and tribulations and what they feel they need to succeed

  • New Recruits Surveys/Interviews

    We talk with new recruits to gain insight into your HR processes as well as the perception they have of your company

  • Marketing/Web Audit

    We audit your existing marketing presence from top to bottom in order to determine opportunities for improvement

  • Market Research

    We research and analyze your target markets, new markets, trade shows, strategic partners, etc.

  • Brand Positioning

    We define your brand positioning and ensure it is modern, relevant and well-differentiated from your competitors

  • Messaging Matrix

    We clearly define how to communicate your offerings to your different target audiences

  • Creative Platform

    We develop a creative theme/campaign that brings your image and messaging to life in a compelling manner

  • Content Marketing Strategy

    We define a content marketing strategy to create content that will fuel your marketing engine all year long

  • Strategic Marketing Plan

    We develop a clearcut strategic marketing plan aligned with your business goals that is broken into quarterly initiatives that are realistic in terms of your bandwidth and budget

  • Trade Show Strategy

    We help you with marketing strategies to maximize your presence at trade shows

Pomerantz's team of B2B marketing specialists are strategic, creative, analytical and technically adept. Put Pom On It.