For over 20 years, Pomerantz Marketing has worked with leading architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) companies to help sharpen their competitive edge in order to reach and communicate more effectively with prospective customers, strategic partners, employees and recruits.

Our clients face business challenges that include:

• An evolving customer base that demands a more sophisticated online presence
• Varying offerings for regional, national and international audiences
• Brand consolidations of multiple operating companies
• Generational shifts in family-owned operations
• Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
• Increased recruiting demands due to staffing shortages
• The need for better employee communications to support retention
• And more

Whether you’re an architecture, engineering, critical infrastructure or heavy civil construction company, or a material supplier, general contractor, subcontractor or something in between, our B2B construction marketing experts will cut to the chase, get it done and get results.


We tackle these issues and more.

How do we refresh our brand, tell a compelling story about our company, and present a cohesive image in the market?

How do we communicate our value to customers, prospects, partners, employees and recruits?

How do we effectively consolidate multiple operating companies into one cohesive brand following a merger/acquisition?

How do we grow visibility for our capabilities in new geographical regions?

How do we become more proactive in generating new business opportunities in a competitive market?

How can we leverage social media to attract new recruits and customers?


Successfully supported the brand consolidation of multiple acquisitions for a leading critical infrastructure company

Reinvigorated the brand of a 100+ year old, family-owned heavy civil construction company that ultimately led to their acquisition

Significantly improved the recruiting efforts for a leading manufacturer and provider of construction products and services

Upgraded and modernized the web presence for one of the leading national AEC companies following recent acquisitions and the creation of new business units


Pomerantz brings your company’s story and capabilities to life for business development and recruiting purposes with custom video and animation services. We perform on-site shoots using drones and professional cinematic videography and photography. We concept, write and produce all video and animation content from end-to-end, providing you with all the versions needed to fuel your online presence.

See what our clients have to say about us!

"POM gets it and gets it done."

As our company continues to evolve into a mid-tier federal government contractor with a focus on the cyber and intel markets, our website needed to reflect this evolution. POM helped us to successfully reinvent our brand and website in 2019 so we turned to them again to help with this initiative. Pom gets it and gets it done. We now have a website that is aligned with who we are as a company today.

Lonnie Parker


"POM stepped in and helped me make the magic happen."

The engineering company I worked for was acquired by a private equity firm that was bringing 5 companies together to become a leading provider of critical communications infrastructure services. I was tasked with consolidating the 5 brands under one roof and needed help on every front – branding, web, social media, online visibility, internal/external communications, events and more. POM stepped in and helped me make the magic happen. The POM gals are the BEST!

Christine Boomer

Director of Marketing & Communications

“I think of POM as an extension of our team."

Oceus had been working with POM for a couple of years before I joined the team to help launch us to a new level. With our past focus mainly on the government sector, we’re expanding to target commercial enterprises as well, which has required renewed marketing efforts. Since day one, POM has served alongside me as our marketing department, handling everything from event coordination to social media to collateral. I think of POM as an extension of our team and would highly recommend them to any other growth-minded technology companies looking to expand their visibility.

Paul McQuillan

Chief Growth & Strategy Officer

“Mission accomplished!”

Cynnovative engaged with POM to achieve a professional-level web and marketing presence that is compelling, cohesive and effectively resonates with potential recruits. Mission accomplished! POM continues to keep our brand alive with employees, recruits and the market as a whole.

Jim Simpson


“POM has elevated our brand and web presence."

Pomerantz has served as our marketing arm since 2008. They’ve elevated our brand and web presence to position our company as an industry leader and effectively attract customers, employees and strategic partners. They’ve also helped us evolve from having no marketing program to having a steady hum of activities that support our business development efforts.

Michael Ruddo

Chief Strategy Officer

"We’ve broken into the U.S. market in a way we could have never imagined, and we have POM to thank."

We found POM when we decided to branch into the U.S. market. As a UK-based company that had never been marketing focused since the majority of our work was with government, we needed a marketing partner who could help us determine where to focus and how to reach new audiences. POM immersed themselves in our world to understand what we have to offer, and they created strategic partnerships that gave us credibility in a completely new and different business environment. We’ve broken into the U.S. market in a way we could have never imagined, and we have POM to thank.

Gary Pettengell

Founder & CEO

“They know what they’re doing, and they get things done efficiently and effectively.”

As a leading provider of end-to-end technology solutions, our company is hyper-focused on growing its presence in the U.S. and beyond. We started working with POM after merging with one of their long-term clients. We weren’t sure if they were going to be up to handling our multi-faceted needs, but they stepped up to the plate and now serve as our marketing arm. They know what they’re doing, and they get things done efficiently and effectively.

David Fernandez

Chief Innovation Officer

“POM does great work!”

When people looked at our website prior to Pom, they didn’t understand what our company does. Now they do. Our website is fantastic. Pom does great work!

Matt Puglisi

Co-Founder & CEO

“POM is a critical part of XONA’s team.”

POM is a critical part of XONA’s team. They’ve elevated XONA’s brand and web presence to an entirely new level and we are now reaping the fruits of this effort with an influx of opportunities and visibility in industry media. We rely on POM for everyday marketing support and to strategically evolve our marketing program as we continue to grow. We highly recommend POM for companies seeking a professional-grade marketing engine.

Bill Moore

CEO & Founder

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