In a B2B world where a solid online presence is a must-have in order to stand out from your competition, social media should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Pomerantz Marketing develops online strategies and campaigns that enable leading companies to engage with prospective customers, strategic partners, employees and recruits on a variety of social media platforms.

Both organic and paid social media campaigns can benefit your company by:

• Supporting a cohesive brand presence online
• Engaging with your target audiences
• Building a loyal following for your brand
• Telling your company’s story in a dynamic way
• Making your company look alive online
• Enhancing brand visibility
• Promoting products, services and initiatives
• Illustrating your company culture
• Recruiting the best candidates for your team
• Generating targeted leads

Most companies understand that social media is now an essential online marketing tool; however, few have the internal resources needed to build and maintain a company’s online presence. The B2B social media marketing experts at POM are experienced in social media management, including social media strategy, social media content development, and social media engagement, to meet your business goals and bring your company alive online.


We tackle these issues and more.

How do we drive more traffic to our website using social media?

Which social media platforms do we need to be on and why?

How do we target and grow our following on social media?

What is the difference between organic and paid social media campaigns and which are more effective for B2B?

How do we communicate our culture and value to customers, prospects, partners, employees and recruits through our social media accounts?

What is the right amount of social media activity for our company and what type of content should we post?


Drove a managed services company's web traffic up by 3,333% through branded social media campaigns

Multiplied a technology solution client's social post impression analytics by 400% with creative content development

Boosted a client's LinkedIn following by 16% in 7 days through social media engagement strategies

Utilized organic & paid social media posts to generate recruiting leads for a cyber services company's rapid regional expansion


Pomerantz brings your company’s story, culture, and capabilities to life for business development and recruiting purposes through custom copy, video, animation and graphics for all social media platforms. From on-site shoots that require professional videography and photography to creative campaigns developed into animated and static graphics, we concept, write and produce all social media content from end-to-end, providing you with consistent messaging and visuals meant to engage your target audiences and enhance your social media presence.


“Pomerantz has served as our marketing engine for over 15 years. They are an extension of our company and a valued part of our team. With four vertical markets and a portfolio of products that is continuously expanding, we rely on them to understand our audiences, business goals and products and make the marketing magic happen. And they do.”

RouteSmart Technologies Logo

Chris Walz

Vice President - RouteSmart Technologies, Inc.

“In 2008, we turned to Pomerantz to recalibrate Corman’s brand, web and marketing presence in order to present a more professional image and message to customers, prospective employees and strategic partners. The experience went so well that we’ve continued to rely on Pomerantz for marketing support in all of the years that followed. We actually just revamped our websites with them again!”

Corman Construction - Portfolio - Pomerantz Marketing

Elizabeth Cox

Human Resources Director - Corman Construction

“Pomerantz has served as our marketing arm since 2008. They’ve elevated our brand and web presence to position our company as an industry leader and effectively attract customers, employees and strategic partners. They’ve also helped us evolve from having no marketing program to having a steady hum of activities that support our business development efforts.”

IST - Portfolio - Pomerantz Marketing

Michael Ruddo

Chief Strategy Officer - Integrated Security Technologies

“A couple of years ago the market changed in my industry. Pomerantz worked closely with me to understand the challenges I was facing and ramp up marketing efforts. We now have a marketing machine in place that is consistently humming and bringing in contacts. I’m up to my eyeballs in RFPs, leads and successful projects.”

RouteSmart Technologies Logo

Jessica Cearfoss

Business Development Manager/Public Works - RouteSmart Technologies, Inc.

“I have worked with Pom throughout my career in channel marketing for the technology industry. First, it was with Legato Software. Then, EMC Corporation. And now, Dell EMC. I feel confident referring them to members of my team because I know they are able to quickly grasp what we need and make it happen — delivering a quality product that is on-point and effective.”

Dell - Portfolio - Pomerantz Marketing - B2B Agency, Annapolis MD

Diane Brode

Director Channel Marketing - Dell EMC

“I have been working with Pomerantz for several years now on multiple projects from rebranding and website development to the design of our marketing collateral and could not be happier with the final products. Pomerantz is extremely knowledgeable, take the time to get to know you and your goals and their customer service is top notch! I love working with this awesome team!”

Gray & Son Logo - Pomerantz Marketing

Amy Eckert

Marketing Representative - Gray & Son

“When people looked at our website prior to Pom, they didn’t understand what our company does. Now they do. Our website is fantastic. Pom does great work!”

Netrias Logo - Pomerantz Marketing

Matt Puglisi

Co-Founder & CEO - Netrias

“Rave reviews for the look and feel of our booth and ad for SOFIC. We were close to a 20% increase in foot traffic and the team was so busy the first day they never had time for lunch.”

Oceus Logo

Jeff Harman

COO - Oceus Networks

“Thank you again for your excellent work on our competitive review. It was super comprehensive and compact with clear findings.”

DSSmith Logo

Vanessa van Dongen

European Marketing & Communication Director - DS Smith

Ready for your company to shine online?