Pomerantz elevates cybersecurity firm’s presence from cruising to skyrocketing.


A provider of the world’s first zero-trust remote operations platform for critical infrastructure, XONA provides secure, cost-effective technology solutions for industrial control systems in the energy, oil and gas, manufacturing and government sectors.


XONA had made inroads in a couple of their vertical markets, but they were the new kid on the block and lacked the web and marketing presence needed to create legitimacy with potential strategic partners, investors and customers. They needed on-call marketing support to arm them with the ever-changing tools necessary to pitch their offerings to the market.

One of a series of demo videos highlighting key functionality of XONA.

INSIGHTS. Validate.

Having developed a totally unique, timely and relevant solution, this young cybersecurity company needed to level up their marketing game to generate awareness of their product and brand in order to grow their market share in key verticals. It was crucial for XONA to communicate their authority as a subject matter expert to validate that they are a premier, certified solution in their space. This was a key factor in solidifying the strategic partnerships that would allow them to expand globally.


POM jumped into the trenches with the XONA team as their dedicated, outsourced marketing department to provide project management and consistent support with messaging, website management, presentations, infographics, events, collateral materials and more. The mission was to equip XONA with professional-grade marketing so they would be taken seriously as a player in their industry. This enabled XONA to focus on growing their company while POM ensured they were presenting a cohesive brand to the marketplace.

XONA’s marketing engine was humming when both the COVID pandemic hit and several high-profile industrial cyber attacks surfaced. Immediately, XONA’s secure “zero-trust” remote solution became more relevant than ever, and the opportunity for growth began exploding. The POM team launched a public relations campaign to grow XONA’s visibility in their target verticals and position them as a thought leader. During this time, POM also hit the turbo button on overhauling XONA’s web presence to prime their marketing runway for the sales leads that were starting to roll in.



REVEAL. Elevate.

XONA’s profile began to rise as a result of article placements in key industry media. In conjunction with the new, lead-generation-focused website, the POM team implemented the marketing automation tool, HubSpot, to take XONA’s marketing to the next level. POM is now running XONA’s marketing program using HubSpot.

Today, POM continues to serve as XONA’s outsourced marketing department, working closely with their executive team, sales department and product managers to stay dialed into the company in order to help them continue to grow their global presence — which is now in 19 countries and counting!

RESULTS. Skyrocket.

Now selling product in 19 countries and counting

Supported strategic partnerships with global companies including GE & Baker Hughes

Launched new website and saw a 402.5% increase in average session duration & a 22% decrease in bounce rate

Received national media attention with 15 articles and counting

“POM is a critical part of XONA’s team. They’ve elevated XONA’s brand and web presence to an entirely new level and we are now reaping the fruits of this effort with an influx of opportunities and visibility in industry media.

XONA relies on POM for everyday marketing support and to strategically evolve our marketing program as we continue to grow. We highly recommend POM for companies seeking a professional grade marketing engine.”

Bill Moore XONA Systems, CEO & Founder

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