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ECINS, a UK-based SaaS case management provider, sought assistance from POM to enter the U.S. market, where they had no existing presence and were unsure which vertical markets would be the best fit for their solution. In the UK, their system sales were entirely RFP-driven, so they lacked experience in sales and marketing. However, they were certain that their case management system effectively addressed community-based issues and believed there was significant growth potential in the U.S.

DISCOVER. Research & Test.

After gaining an understanding of how the ECINS system was successfully utilized in the UK and researching potential test markets in the U.S., POM recommended initially focusing on the nonprofit and education sectors. This strategy involved using a mix of email marketing, paid search, directory marketing, social media, advertising, and sponsorships. The objective was to test each market, gain insights into their specific needs, and determine the best path forward.

CREATE. Speak to the Markets.

Prior to launching the campaigns targeting the nonprofit and education sectors, ECINS recognized the need to establish a brand and digital presence that resonated with these markets and projected a professional and credible image. POM collaborated with ECINS to develop a U.S. web presence, along with supporting demo decks and marketing materials. These assets were designed to align with our initial understanding of the pain points and needs of the nonprofit and education sectors, specifically tailored to highlight how ECINS’s case management system could address their challenges.

LAUNCH. Go to Market.

After ECINS was prepared for launch, we initiated campaigns targeting the nonprofit and education sectors, resulting in a gradual influx of leads. We quickly discovered that the nonprofit sector presented a more intricate sales process, characterized by numerous nuances and budgetary challenges. However, a test campaign with the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA) proved to be highly successful, generating a significant increase in leads.

The timing of this campaign was crucial, as it coincided with the early days of the Covid pandemic when school social workers were overwhelmed by the mental health issues affecting their students. Lacking the necessary tools and resources, many students with serious issues were slipping through the cracks. For school social workers, ECINS appeared to be a solution that could significantly streamline and improve the administration of their caseloads.



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FOCUS. Answer the Call.

After the test campaigns, ECINS strategically focused its energies and marketing budget primarily on the education sector. With POM’s assistance, ECINS established a strategic partnership with SSWAA, leading to ECINS’s official endorsement by SSWAA. Today, the ECINS Student Support & Case Management system is utilized by numerous school systems and districts across the U.S., playing a crucial role in addressing the mental health crisis in schools.

Furthermore, ECINS has expanded its marketing efforts to target specific school districts, school superintendents, and community schools, with POM evolving ECINS’s digital presence and marketing program to engage these audiences effectively.

Additionally, the online visibility achieved by POM has opened doors in other markets that ECINS is currently exploring to determine their potential for more targeted marketing in the future.


Identified U.S. vertical markets that aligned with ECINS' solution

Developed a creative platform to elevate the brand & speak to the audiences

Established a strategic partnership with the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA)

Conducted an integrated lead-generation campaign producing 300+ leads per month

“We found POM when we decided to branch into the U.S. market. POM immersed themselves in our world to understand what we have to offer, and they created strategic partnerships that gave us credibility in a completely new and different business environment. We’ve broken into the U.S. market in a way we could have never imagined, and we have POM to thank.”

Gary Pettengell ECINS, Founder & CEO

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