Pomerantz elevates innovative government contractor’s recruiting strategy from dull to dazzling.

CLIENT. Cynnovative.

Cynnovative leverages machine learning, computer science and software engineering to address high-impact problems in the cyber domain, specifically those which are critical to U.S. national security.


A highly specialized contractor working for the U.S. government, Cynnovative had built a tight-knit, expert team of data scientists and software engineers with an impressive reputation of extraordinary innovation and superior performance. Their small team structure allowed them to easily pivot projects and timelines to meet demanding deadlines and under-the-wire requests. Cynnovative’s agility, combined with their vision and passion to build cyber solutions to meet the demands of tomorrow, did not go unnoticed. Numerous high profile contracts began to roll in, and Cynnovative needed to expand their team to meet the increasing demand.

INSIGHTS. Resonate.

The highly specific and technical nature of Cynnovative’s work required uniquely specialized employees, most of whom were already employed within a limited niche of companies and organizations. In addition, Cynnovative had cultivated a modern, high-tech start-up business persona that was unlike most of their competitors in the government sector. They wanted team members who embodied the company’s mission to challenge the modern limitations of cyber solutions and also fit the company’s culture of fun, clever, and hard-working. All previous hires were referrals from their inner circle in the industry, but when their personal network had been exhausted, recruiting stalled. Their existing brand and web presence was not resonating with potential recruits.

SOLUTION. Elevate.

As Cynnovative’s outsourced marketing department, POM dove into the redevelopment of their corporate identity, collaborating closely with their executive team to craft a brand that would differentiate the firm from other employers in their space. They needed to communicate that Cynnovative was not your average government contractor. They are a group of down-to-earth, high-level thinkers, with a flexible, collaborative culture that allows each employee to shine.

POM’s objective was to distinguish Cynnovative in their very competitive space and present a fresh image and message online. This included the creation of a new logo and brand identity, the development of a dynamic website, updated identity across LinkedIn and other career sites, and culture-driven social media activity. Focused on reeling in prospective recruits, the POM team provided project management and marketing support with messaging, content and design for the new website, social media accounts, presentations, and event and promotional materials.



REVEAL. Promote.

Cynnovative’s new corporate identity put a focus on the future, emphasizing their mission to take the lead, move ahead and create the future. Their new logo was designed to stand out from the typical institutional government contractor look by underscoring their sense of uniqueness and opposition to the status quo in color and in the iconic slanted “i” in their name. POM also played up the slanted “i” to represent the programming escape code and integrated its use into a clever tagline: Escape Mediocrity.

The new website promotes Cynnovative’s core mission and corporate identity, while affirming its commitment to a relaxed, team-centric culture. The POM team researched and coordinated Cynnovative’s exhibition at various high-profile recruiting events – even during the pandemic when most were virtual – and supported recruitment efforts with collateral and exhibit materials. Finally, brand kits of premium apparel and accessories with the new branding were given to recruits and employees to engage them as team-building ambassadors.

With their new identity in place, the Cynnovative talent pool has opened for the season. The POM team continues to support Cynnovative with recruiting marketing as they continue to grow.


Elevated brand to a more professional level

Brought to life a unique persona for the company that differentiates it from the competition

Made online recruiting presence cohesive and consistent

Actively attracting the right candidates through recruiting marketing efforts

“Cynnovative engaged with Pom to achieve a professional-level web and marketing presence that is compelling, cohesive and effectively resonates with potential recruits. Mission accomplished!

Pom continues to keep our brand alive with employees, recruits and the market as a whole.”

Jim Simpson Cynnovative, Founder

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