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Trade Show Marketing: Maximizing Your Trade Show Investment with a Laser-Focused Strategy

Trade shows offer huge opportunities for exposure, lead gathering and networking, but are you fully maximizing your return on investment? Having a well-rounded strategy can take your trade show marketing to the next level. Instead of just tackling your trade show tasks piece by piece, we develop a strategy and plan that drives the right visitors to your booth. Here’s how:

  • Show Research & Recommendations
    We determine which shows best align with your business goals and resonate the most with your target audiences

  • Design of Display Graphics
    We design your display to align with your business objectives and visually communicate your message in an attention-getting manner

  • Multimedia
    We create videos and demos to run in your booth that effectively demonstrate what you’re all about

  • Social Media Content
    We strategize and write social media content to create buzz and pre- and post-show

  • Campaign Strategy
    We come up with a creative campaign and hook for communicating your value proposition

  • Pre- and Post-Show Marketing Campaign
    We identify the right mix of tactics to get attention both before and after the show, including email, direct mail, giveaways, contests, demos, social media and more

  • Speaking Opportunities & Presentations
    We help you go after and land relevant speaking opportunities and create powerful presentations that get you noticed

Social Media Content - Feeding Your B2B Social Media Machine has never been easier with Pomerantz Marketing


Pomerantz will help you maximize social media for customers, prospects, recruits and strategic partners, and SEO. Our full lifecycle approach to social media content is strategic, sensible and smart.