Make Recruitment Marketing a Key Part of Your Company’s Online Presence

If recruiting is important to your business, your website should reflect this— and not just with a single page of content!

Make Recruitment Marketing a Key Part of Your Company's Online Presence | Pomerantz MarketingRecruiting quality employees is often a critical part of a company’s business, but it’s also frequently ignored online in favor of paying more attention to prospects and new business. This is a huge mistake, and we see it every day. A generic Careers page on your company’s website just doesn’t cut it. The fact is, you need to focus on your recruitment marketing presence.

Today’s potential recruits expect to see a modern website that paints a clear picture of your company’s culture and benefits. It should be easy for them to see why they would want to work for you. Uninteresting boilerplate content with bulleted lists of benefits isn’t going to capture their attention.

You need to bring your company to life online. A robust Careers page or microsite is a great first step. (What’s a microsite? It’s exactly what it sounds like – a smaller site within a site.) By creating a Careers microsite, you’re showing recruits how important hiring the right people is to your company. Putting effort into content that shows what makes your company special from a recruiting standpoint pays off.

From videos of company events and behind the scenes to full benefits explanations that really show off what you offer to candid employee photos, there are a number of creative ways to convey your culture through your website. If your company uses a third party system for applications and resumes, you can still link to that site, and even add some of your branding to it. But a Careers page shouldn’t just be a list of open positions – it can, and should, be so much more.

And it shouldn’t stop there! Your company should harness the power of social media for recruiting – many people start researching a company on social media before they even hit your website. Make sure you’re sharing photos, stories, events and more that can help convey what life is like at your company.

If you’re ready to take your recruiting marketing from non-existent to game-changing, reach out to Pomerantz now. We love helping companies bring their culture to life online, from Careers microsites to recruitment campaigns to social media. For over 20 years, we’ve served as the outsourced marketing engine for companies that embrace marketing but don’t want to staff up. We have a proven track record of helping to grow businesses from start-up to $100 million+ in revenue.

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