How to Start Marketing Your B2B Company to the Private Sector

Have no clue what you’re doing when it comes to your B2B company’s marketing?

Have No Clue How to Market to the Private Sector? | Reason 4 to Outsource Your Marketing to Pomerantz

Many B2B companies have traditionally relied on getting business via RFPs or based on their reputation in the public sector. However, many of those same B2B companies eventually realize that there is also opportunity to be found in the private sector. Their offerings also have commercial and even specific vertical market appeal, and by ignoring that, they’re leaving money on the table.

But what do you do when you realize it’s time to diversify and go after private sector work? You likely have no clue how to market your company’s offerings and abilities outside of how you’ve always done it, through proposals and presentations.

To go after private sector work, you need to look and sound like a private sector, commercial company. Unfortunately, chances are that no one in-house knows how to accomplish that.

This is what Pomerantz does. We are B2B marketing experts who have helped a multitude of companies successfully cross the chasm from public to private sector by modernizing their brand, web and marketing presences. We define and implement strategic marketing programs aligned with our clients’ business objectives, including achieving online visibility for their offerings in the geographies they are looking to target.

Want a little head start doing this on your own? We’ve got a number of blog posts that help you get started on your own. And our free e-book, How to Make Your B2B Marketing Not Suck, is a comprehensive tool that walks you through Pomerantz’s proven, step-by-step marketing planning process. Here’s an overview of that process:

  1. Define and prioritize your marketing goals
  2. Develop target audience personas
  3. Assess the performance of your current online presence
  4. Conduct an online competitive analysis
  5. Gather insights from your sales team
  6. Define your value proposition
  7. Create your marketing engine
  8. Define a 12-month plan
  9. Determine if you have the resources you need to succeed

For tools and tips to follow through on those steps, download the e-book now.

If you’d rather jump straight to getting to work, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Pomerantz now. For over 20 years, we’ve served as the outsourced marketing engine for companies that embrace marketing but don’t want to staff up. We have a proven track record of helping to grow businesses from start-up to $100 million+ in revenue.

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