Telling Your Company’s Story Clearly is Key to Successful Marketing

Is your company terrible at telling its own story?

It can be difficult for a company to tell its own story clearly | Pomerantz MarketingIt should be easy to explain what your business does, but companies often have a hard time telling their own story.

Why is that? Often, the people inside a company are just too close to it. It’s easy to get bogged down by industry lingo and acronyms, making it difficult for your target audiences to really get what you do.

If prospects don’t immediately understand what your company has to offer, they’re quickly going to bounce. Think about it – will you spend time digging through a website or collateral to see if a business can do or provide what you’re looking for, or will you just look for another option that says clearly that it does?

The best way to avoid this problem is to bring in an outsider who will look at your business and come up with a new way to tell your story. Get a fresh perspective from someone who isn’t caught up in the day-to-day of your business! The resulting message should be clear, concise and compelling. It should make it easy to understand your strengths, offerings and capabilities at first glance. You want to instill confidence in prospects that not only do you offer what they need, but you do it better than the competition.

Then this messaging should be used everywhere you’re talking about your company – on your website, social media, collateral, advertising, etc. So once your message is clear, it needs to be consistent across all channels.

This is what Pomerantz does. We excel at helping companies define their brand positioning, explaining what makes them different and better than their competition. Then we bring it all to life online and in their marketing materials. We’ll do the legwork to understand your company’s competitive environment, offerings, customers and unique differentiators to tell your story in a way that makes your business shine.

From creative, memorable campaigns that build brand awareness and generate leads to case studies that bring your successes to life, Pomerantz will roll up our sleeves, dig in and make the marketing magic happen.

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