Social Media & Recruiting: Why Your Company Needs to Look Awake Online

How Outsourcing Your Company’s Social Media Content Can Help You Recruit New Talent

Why Your Company Needs to Look Awake Online Finding the right employees for your company is ultimately key to the success of your business. You want to attract and hire the best and brightest, which is why it’s important that your company makes it easy for potential recruits to understand who you are. One of the most accessible ways to do that is through social media content that shines.

The truth is, more and more potential employees are scouting out companies via social media to get a feel for company culture. It’s a good way to gauge the personality of a company, so if your company is sharing boring posts (or not posting at all), you may not be putting your best foot forward. If your company looks asleep online, it can be a red flag to potential recruits.

We understand that social media can seem simple but is in fact one of the marketing tasks that companies hate the most. It can be a huge pain to come up with engaging posts over and over again, rather than just reposting or recycling content. Gathering photos, interesting stories, fun tidbits and more can become a serious chore. But it’s important to do it, since those types of posts say a lot about your company culture.

The better your posts, the more engagement you get, and the more appealing your company begins to look to outsiders (and that doesn’t just go for potential employees but even prospective customers!).

How Outsourcing Your Company's Social Media Content Can Make You Look Awake OnlineSo if you’ve struggled to connect with new talent, it could be that your company doesn’t look awake online, and you need help. Like we said above, we get that it’s hard to stay on top of social media. This is why outsourcing your social media can be the right move.

At Pomerantz Marketing, we get to know your company so that we can help you shine online. We’ll work with you and your team to break down your post planning into a simple system to help you get the most payoff with minimal input on your part. We can manage your social media presence to give you back the time you need to focus on your business.

If your company is ready to look awake online and bring in that top talent, it’s time to wake up your social media.

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