B2Bs: 5 Questions to Ask When Shaping Your 2024 Marketing Plan

This blog post is written by Kathy Floam-Greenspan and appears on the Forbes Agency Council. You can read the full post here.

As we approach a new year, it’s time for companies to reflect on their marketing strategies and sales outcomes.

The past 12 months have been uniquely disruptive, so these efforts can be especially fraught, as identifying patterns, trends and best practices from an atypical time can be incredibly difficult.

Many companies know they will (slightly) increase their marketing budgets, incorporate generative AI, and accommodate the latest B2B buy preferences. They are much less sure about how they will achieve this.

Asking the right questions can help illuminate shortcomings, opportunities and strategic steps marketers can take to elevate results in the year ahead.

Here are five essential questions to ask to elevate your 2024 B2B marketing plan.

1. What does my sales team say?

Marketing and PR should support sales outcomes. These teams should work in tandem, collaborating to better connect with customers and drive sales outcomes. In this regard, content is king…