5 Ways To Improve Your Website Performance Without Starting Over

This blog post is written by Kathy Floam-Greenspan and appears on the Forbes Agency Council. You can read the full post here.

In today’s digital-first world, brands must have an attractive and engaging online presence to remain compelling, competitive and convincing. In other words, whether you’re a small business or a major corporation, you need a website—a good one.

According to a consumer survey, nearly three-quarters of respondents said a company’s website carries at least “some influence” over their buying decisions. Additionally, a Gartner sales survey found that 83% of B2B buyers prefer purchasing through digital commerce, underscoring the centrality of a brand’s website as part of a holistic sales strategy.

However, time constraints, finite resources and limited expertise prevent many companies from putting their best digital foot forward, making an outdated and unfocused website the brand’s first—and often only—impression.

Fortunately, improving your website doesn’t necessarily require an expensive, ground-up rebuild to cultivate success. Making tangible improvements that account for common website pain points can help brands enhance their online presence without starting from scratch.

Common Website Pain Points

There are more than 1.13 billion websites worldwide, and while just over 200 million are actively managed and maintained, differentiating your website from the competition can be extremely difficult. With the average visitor forming an opinion about a website in less than one second, brands have a very limited opportunity to capture their audiences. However, many websites fail to achieve their goals because they are: