How to Market a Business Within Your Business

Bring a Special Division With Unique Capabilities to Life

When The LiRo Group, one of the top Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) companies in the U.S., turned to Pomerantz Marketing to upgrade and modernize their website, one of the many missions for their website was to effectively market a new business division within their organization. This was tricky because this new business division, Applied Technologies, overlaps with other established business units yet is focused on bringing an entirely new technology approach to the market. If it sounds confusing, that’s because it was — but our job was to make it clear.

We determined that if the goal was to aggressively grow LiRo’s Applied Technologies’ division, one service page on their website wasn’t going to cut it — we needed to really bring this division to life. So how do you approach a special division, service or business feature on a website, without giving it more weight and importance than other areas?

Ultimately, our team developed a microsite within the greater LiRo website — allowing the Applied Technologies division to live in the website navigation equal with other services while also providing space and flexibility to fully explain and expand on all of their capabilities:

This microsite includes further services breakdowns, a project page featuring only the Applied Technologies projects, and a special contact page and form that goes directly to their team. Since the rest of LiRo’s business approaches marketing and sales differently from this division, it made sense for the Applied Technologies’ microsite to work in a way that met their unique needs.

Check out The LiRo Group’s Applied Technologies microsite in action >

A microsite built into a larger site can provide space for additional functionality and content, all while making sure it’s obvious how this business area fits in with the company as a whole. It’s a unique solution to a challenging problem, and one that can work for a variety of other situations.

If your company has faced a similar challenge, or if you’re stumped by how to handle a unique website problem, Pomerantz Marketing can help. We’re a B2B marketing firm that specializes in problem solving.

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