How a Project Portfolio on Your Company’s Website Can Prove Your Expertise

Highlight Your Company’s Work with a Robust Project Portfolio

For AEC and construction companies (and for those in many other industries, too!) one of the most powerful ways to convey your company’s expertise is by showing the work you’ve done. Images of your work will show the depth and breadth of what you do. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

This is why a project portfolio should be a priority on your website. A portfolio should visually highlight the projects your company has completed, include valuable information about the project and have functionality that makes it easy to navigate.

When we redesigned The LiRo Group’s website, the project portfolio was a main focus. Some of the main features that we included are:

  • Design that focused on eye-catching imagery
  • Filtering by multiple categories and a search bar
  • Ability to add as many images and videos as needed per project
  • Areas to highlight important information about each project
  • Easily editable WordPress template so LiRo’s team could continue to add new projects
  • Cross-linking throughout the website to bring attention to their work on multiple pages

The result is a robust project portfolio that makes LiRo’s expertise and exceptional work stand out:

View LiRo’s Project Portfolio >

Another benefit of a robust project portfolio? It’s a good way to keep visitors on your website longer. The longer someone stays on your site, the more they learn about you, making it more and more likely they’ll become a real lead or customer. Plus, the more time people stay on your site and the more pages they visit, the happier Google will be. And we’re always trying to keep Google happy, aren’t we!?

A project portfolio can be a powerful marketing tool for your company, especially if it’s well designed with great functionality.

Do you have a project portfolio on your website? Do you wish it could do more to showcase your company’s work?

If your company’s website isn’t doing what it needs to do for your business, Pomerantz Marketing can help. We’re a B2B marketing firm that specializes in construction.

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