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Marketing that Sucks: Part 1

Example #1: “How Does A Marketing Agency Have a Non-Responsive Website?”

To launch our “Marketing that Sucks/Doesn’t Suck” email campaign featuring, well, marketing that sucks and doesn’t suck, we thought it was only fair to start with ourselves.

Until about a month ago, we were a marketing agency that had an old-school, non-responsive website. What is a non-responsive website? It’s what pretty much every website was until a few years ago. It’s a site that was designed to look good on just one screen size – the desktop. If you increased the size of your browser window, you just got extra white space. If you opened our site on mobile devices, it wasn’t user-friendly there, either. You had to do a lot of fancy finger work to actually read our site, and often, section of the site got cut off.

This is a big no-no in this day and age, especially since 55% of web traffic today is from mobile devices. Many people will immediately leave your site if it isn’t easy to view on mobile, so it’s important to develop a site that works on all devices. You may remember (and may even still have) when mobile sites were developed and maintained separately from main websites. This is not only a pain (who wants to maintain and optimize more than one site!?), but it also just doesn’t make sense anymore. Responsive sites, when well-designed, look great on all platforms, so you can put your time, money and focus into building just one awesome website.

Our only excuse for not having a responsive website until now? We’ve been busy creating ones for our clients! Not a great excuse, but there you are. Here’s what we mean about our old site:

Here’s what we mean about our old site:

See how the site is either too large or too small to fit the various screen sizes? Notice how difficult it can be to read certain sections? That’s old-school, non-responsive design.

But we’ve finally put some time into ourselves (you know what they say about the cobbler’s kid who has no shoes), and we’re excited to show off that shiny, new, responsive design in our next blog…
How Does A Marketing Agency Have a Non-Responsive Website? - Pomerantz Marketing

Don’t Let Your Company’s Marketing Suck.

Stay tuned to read our post about our newly launched, responsive website. In the meantime, if your company’s website sucks, we’re here to help.


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