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Marketing that Doesn’t Suck: Part 1

Example #1: The “We Put Our Money Where Our Mouths Are” Responsive Website

Hopefully you saw our first “Marketing that Sucks” email a couple of weeks ago featuring our agency’s old, non-responsive website. If you didn’t, you can check it out here.

To launch the “Marketing that Doesn’t Suck” version of our campaign, we are featuring our new, 100% responsive website. We finally put our money where our mouths are and hooked our agency up with a website that tells our story, communicates what we’re really good at and provides a great user experience on all devices.

Did you know that having a website that is responsive on all devices will improve your SEO rankings with Google? It’s a fact. Also, responsive websites load faster than a mobile website, so fewer people will abandon such sites. Plus, as we discussed in the last post, no one wants to maintain multiple sites – the old way of doing things, having a mobile site and main site – has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Responsive is the present and the future!

Here’s another fact for you: 75% of Americans bring their phones to the bathroom. That’s gross. But no matter where you browse, you should at least have a positive user experience. Go responsive!

Check out our new, responsive website:

Are you reading on your desktop? Your phone? Maybe a tablet? If you have a second, open our new site up on a couple of different devices to really see what we mean by responsive design. If you’re on desktop, shrink and then increase the size of your browser window. You’ll notice how text wraps differently, modules align in new ways and image size changes to adapt to those adjustments. That’s high quality responsive design!

Here’s a recap of some of the many reasons to go responsive:
1. Increase your overall traffic (not split between a mobile and main site)
2. Lower cost and maintenance with just one site
3. Provide a seamless user experience across all devices
4. Adapt to any screen or device size
5. Improve SEO rankings

So what are you waiting for? If you need a partner to help you design a new responsive site, reach out now! Put Pom on it.

The “We Put Our Money Where Our Mouths Are” Responsive Website - Pomerantz Marketing

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