Video Content for B2B Marketing is No Longer Just an Option – It’s an Absolute Must

Video Content Isn't Optional - It's a Must

If you think video content is something nice to have one day when you finally get around to it, it is time to reassess.

In the last year, video has risen to the top of the list of the most effective marketing B2B marketing tactics. And we have some eye-opening data to back it up.

Here are some staggering statistics that are illuminated in The State of Video Marketing 2021 Report:

  • 91% of marketers believe that the pandemic made video even more important for brands
  • When asked how they’d prefer to learn about a product or service, 69% would choose a short video
  • More than 99% of marketers who use video expect to continue using it
  • 87% report positive ROI from their video content (way up from the mere 33% in 2015)
  • 84% say video has helped them generate leads
  • 94% of marketers agree that video has increased understanding of their product or service
  • People are TWICE as likely to share video over other types of online content
  • 86% believe video increased traffic to their website
  • 83% report that video has helped increase time on page
  • 78% report that video has directly helped increase sales

Video provides your brand with storytelling superpower. You can show AND tell, all in one medium, and get your point across to your target audiences, more quickly, simply, and effectively.

Let Pom show you how to put video to work for your company.

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