Marketing that Sucks: Part 4

If you’re a company that embraces marketing but doesn’t want to staff up, consider outsourced marketing services. - Pomerantz MarketingExample #4: Companies that Make their Marketing Managers Carry Too Heavy a Load and that Should Really Consider Outsourced Marketing Services

Companies outsource a whole lot of stuff today and this includes outsourced marketing services. But outsourced marketing services still haven’t caught on as much as they need to with small to mid-size businesses. The most common situation we see out there in Marketing Land today is small to mid-size companies that embrace marketing but terribly understaff this function in their business. They hire one Marketing Manager and expect them to function as their entire marketing department. Let me tell you, it isn’t pretty. These are some of the most stressed out people you will ever meet. They are wearing so many hats and are responsible for having more specialized skills than any human should be required to have in a lifetime.

On top of all of this, these very same Marketing Managers are expected to prove their worth by making sure their marketing efforts are producing ROI. Sounds like fun, huh? That’s why so many of these talented individuals last for a year or two and then find a healthier, more supportive work situation. But then there are the savvy Marketing Managers that seek out agencies like ours that provide outsourced marketing services to small to mid-size businesses. They work with us to help make the case to management that they can’t do it all on their own and that their company can have the benefit of a dedicated marketing department for significantly less than the cost of staffing one simply by retaining an outsourced marketing agency. Plus, this type of arrangement will up their company’s marketing game on every level, enabling them to achieve the results they are seeking.

The moral of this story is one person does not a marketing department make. Marketing in today’s complicated world requires a massive amount of different skills and talents to be done well and achieve results. If you’re a company that embraces marketing but doesn’t want to staff up, seriously consider outsourced marketing services so you don’t have a revolving door of marketing managers.


Don’t Let Your Company’s Marketing Suck (and stop being mean to your Marketing Manager).

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