Meet Our Marketing Mom

“If you want to make a marketing program run on schedule, put a Mom in charge of it.”

-The B2B Marketing Pros at Pom
Leslie and family

Pom’s Marketing Mom, Leslie, and her family

When it comes to being consistent with our own short-term marketing program at Pom, we know ourselves well. Our agency’s own marketing initiatives tend to fall by the wayside unless we formalize a schedule and put our Marketing Mom (aka Leslie) in charge. No one wants to let Leslie down by not coming through with their dedicated tasks — including myself, and I happen to own Pomerantz!

Here’s how Leslie, Pom’s Marketing Mom, keeps our agency’s own short-term marketing program on schedule:

She’s the Scheduler in Chief of our Short-Term Program

Leslie develops and manages the master schedule for all of the activities involved in our short-term marketing program. She knows what is supposed to happen, when and by whom. If something is going to change on the schedule, you better ask Leslie.

Like all Moms, She Gives Lots of Reminders

Each week at Pom starts with a Monday Team Meeting, when we review the highlights of our account activities taking place in the upcoming week. Then, Leslie goes over what needs to happen with our own marketing. This is Reminder #1.

At some point in the middle of the week, she does a friendly yet no-nonsense check in with everyone on our team to see how things are going. It’s usually mixed in with other project communications, but it definitely counts as Reminder #2.

Last but not least, on Friday, Leslie sends Reminder #3 to everyone on our team in the form of an update on the schedule indicating what’s still pending and what needs to happen the next week. If you haven’t done what you’re supposed to do yet, it weighs on you all weekend until you do it (this I know from personal experience).

She Gives Positive Reinforcement

Every couple of weeks, we have a team meeting to review the fruits and results of our short-term marketing program. Like all good moms, Leslie makes a point of giving everyone positive feedback on their efforts and ideas. Our agency’s short-term marketing program continues to push forward because it has a dedicated Marketing Mom driving the bus.

Our Marketing Mom Says Start with a Short-Term Plan

For the month of October 2020, $750 gets your company a short-term marketing plan handcrafted and delivered by the B2B marketing pros at Pom. If you need a Marketing Mom to manage the implementation, we can make that happen as well.

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