As one of the oldest and largest heavy civil construction contractors in the Mid-Atlantic region, Corman Construction realized they needed to elevate their brand and web presence to effectively connect with prospective customers, employees and partners.


New Corman site
  • Pomerantz modernized Corman’s brand identity to make it more fresh and relevant.

  • We wrote, designed and developed a responsive website that features an extensive project portfolio.

  • The responsive website maximizes Corman’s visibility with the search engines in the geographical regions that they target.

  • The website is now a pleasure for prospective customers, employees and partners to explore on any device.

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#1: Responsive is Expected

Source: Statista

Today, the number of mobile viewers outnumbers desktop viewers. More people are looking at your website on a mobile phone or tablet than a desktop computer.

If your site is not responsive, it requires too much effort for site visitors to obtain the information they are seeking, so they leave quickly.

#3You’re losing prospective customers, employees and partners because your website is not user-friendly.

#2: Responsive is a Key Ranking Factor with Google

Source: Google

#1Mobile-friendliness (responsiveness) is a key ranking factor for Google’s search engine algorithms.


If your website isn’t responsive, it loses ground in search engine results because of delivering a poor user experience.


If being found online through search is important for your business, your site needs to be responsive.

#3: Responsive is Essential for a Modern Brand

Mobile statics

#1A non-responsive website in today’s mobile world has a negative impact on your brand.

#2An outdated web presence gives the perception that your company is a dinosaur in today’s modern world.

Prospective customers, employees and partners judge your company by its website.

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