Marketing Plan



For many companies, managing a marketing program can be like a game of whack-a-mole. A new need pops up, and you react. Thing is, reactive marketing is not strategic marketing. Taking the time to think about, articulate and align your marketing plan with your business objectives is what it really takes to make the marketing magic happen. And, if you don’t have the bandwidth (or patience) internally within your company to commit to this type of strategic planning, sometimes it just makes sense to bring in the experts. With over 20 years of proven B2B marketing success, Pomerantz’s strategic marketing plan experts provide the knowledge and proven experience to help you define your vision and objectives and align them with a realistic, laser-focused strategic marketing plan.

Following are the steps we typically take to build a strategic marketing plan that is tailored to your specific business and objectives:

  • Summit

    Using our unique method, we conduct a marketing strategy session with your key stakeholders to get everything out on the table and define your vision and goals

  • Communications Brief

    We document findings from the Summit to confirm key takeaways, build consensus within your team and lay the foundation for moving forward

  • Competitive Audit

    We evaluate your competition in order to understand your competitive landscape as well as opportunities for differentiation

  • Customer Interviews

    If applicable, we interview your customers to learn about their experience working with your company

  • Employee Interviews

    If applicable, we interview your sales team, product specialists, new recruits, etc. to gain further insight into your world

  • Website & Marketing Audit

    We analyze your website and marketing activities to determine what’s working and what’s not

  • Strategic Marketing Plan

    We present you with a clearcut strategic marketing plan aligned with your business goals that is broken into quarterly initiatives that are realistic in terms of your bandwidth and budget

Let the strategic marketing plan experts at Pom take your marketing from reactive to proactive.