Multi Media


Multimedia Marketing: Diversify How You Tell Your Story

We keep hearing that multimedia marketing is important for a modern marketing program, but just what is multimedia marketing? It’s all about delivering your B2B company’s message in ways that get your target audience’s attention.

Today, more people than ever are getting their information from more visual presentations. It’s often faster and easier to watch a video or scroll through an infographic to learn about a company or their offerings than it is to read through a lot of text. As multimedia content gets more and more popular, companies should think seriously about adding it to their marketing mix.

This is why multimedia marketing is important – so you can share your business message with as many prospects as possible. Pomerantz Marketing offers multimedia marketing options for B2B companies that want to get noticed in the marketplace.

  • Animations

  • Explainer Videos

  • Interactive Infographics

  • Multimedia Productions

  • Corporate Capability Videos

  • Drone Footage

Get the word out about your company in a way that actually gets people’s attention. Reach out to Pomerantz Marketing now for game-changing multimedia marketing services, and see how an eye-catching video, a graphically stunning infographic or an interactive presentation can make a difference for your marketing.