Technology companies have unique marketing needs that other companies don’t necessarily have. As a result, these companies should partner with experienced B2B tech marketing professionals that can handle complex and specific marketing efforts.

Finding these seasoned marketing experts can be difficult if you are limiting your talent search to your immediate area. More and more technology companies are outsourcing their marketing so that they can partner with top tier technology marketing talent, regardless of their location. Outsourced marketing is also a great way to keep overhead costs down without sacrificing quality.

An outsourced B2B technology marketing company, like Pomerantz Marketing, can cut to the chase, get it done and get results. We are the most effective digital marketing agency for technology companies in Montgomery County, MD. We service Rockville, MD, as well as Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia.

Who We Are & What We Do

Pomerantz Marketing began as a B2B tech marketing agency and that is still the heart of our business. Our client portfolio includes regional, national and global technology providers. Pomerantz Marketing develops offline and online marketing programs designed to create brand awareness and lead generation for a wide variety of verticals and target audiences.

We are a full-service B2B marketing agency that specializes marketing strategy, branding, content marketing, graphic design, web design/development, social media marketing, integrated marketing and analytics tracking for ROI. We tailor our services to fit your B2B tech marketing needs, whether that means quarterbacking your entire marketing program or helping your company with certain aspects of it. The choice is up to you!

Our team of marketing experts specializes in taking technology companies to the next level. We cut to the chase, get it done and get results. Ready to get serious about your B2B tech marketing? Put POM on it!

Pomerantz's team of B2B marketing specialists are strategic, creative, analytical and technically adept. Put Pom On It.


If you want to grow your business without investing in the overhead of an internal marketing department, let Pomerantz be your marketing engine. We serve as the outsourced marketing department for growth-minded companies that choose to put their marketing in the hands of experienced B2B marketing professionals.