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B2B Brand Positioning: How to Effectively Communicate Who You Are and Why Prospects Should Choose You

Why should a prospect choose your company over the competition? This should be one of the easiest questions to answer about your business, but it’s not because, chances are, you’re too close to your company to be objective about defining your B2B brand positioning.

Pomerantz’s  team of marketing experts will examine your company, offerings, strengths and weaknesses alongside your competitors and target audiences to create a B2B brand positioning strategy to make you stand out. Then, we help you tailor your marketing efforts to your difference audiences, including vertical markets, strategic partners and even prospective employees. You’ll get defined positioning strategies that will align your brand with today’s market and your unique business goals.

Knowing why your company is unique is the first step, and we’re ready to get you started on the path to B2B marketing success.

Pomerantz’s B2B brand positioning strategy service features:


    Through interviews with you, your sales team and others at your company, we discover what makes your brand unique. We also dig into your current marketing presence to see how your company is viewed in your industry. Client interviews also allow us to uncover why prospects should choose you instead of your competitors.


    Fine-tuning your marketing and communications messaging to align with your strengths is one of our strengths. Taking all that we’ve learned about your company, your prospects and your competition, we come up with messaging that makes you shine.


    One message does not fit all. Once you know who you are and why you’re special, it’s time to tailor that message to all of your target audiences. We help you stay true to your brand position while also speaking to the specific needs and wants of your various prospects.


    We look at how your competitors are positioning their brands and find areas for differentiation. We also see who’s excelling at positioning their brand and how or if that is reflected in market leadership.


    Turning your brand position and messaging into a winning creative campaign is what we do. We can create multi-channel strategies, digital campaigns, websites, social media posts and more that reinforce your brand position.

Our B2B brand positioning services encompass a wide range of your marketing needs and provide a jumping off point for all the marketing efforts ahead of you. Get your position solidified with our help. Put Pom On It.
Pomerantz's team of B2B marketing specialists are strategic, creative, analytical and technically adept. Put Pom On It.


If you want to grow your business without investing in the overhead of an internal marketing department, let Pomerantz be your marketing engine. We serve as the outsourced marketing department for growth-minded companies that choose to put their marketing in the hands of experienced B2B marketing professionals.